4 simple marketing tactics a new (small) business should never forget!

4 simple marketing tactics for your small business

If you are a relatively new, small business it goes without saying that you are working incredibly hard to get your business moving.   You understand that marketing your business takes strategy, planning, time and co-ordination. You are making marketing a priority to achieve your business goals and are striving for success.

In amongst your strategic planning and the evaluation you are doing of marketing opportunities, it is all too easy to forget that there are some simple techniques that you can implement straight away to help boost your marketing efforts.


Don’t forget these 4 simple marketing tactics:

1 – Make your email signature work for you

Your email signature is often overlooked as a marketing tool – don’t let this happen!  It is a perfect method to communicate a direct message to the people you are in touch with.


As well including in your email signature all the usual and important details (name, phone number, company name) it is always worth including something extra that will help drive your business.


This could be a link to your facebook business page to increase your number of followers or a link (plus a call to action) to an active marketing promotion live on your website – perfect to drive traffic to your site and increase the exposure of a particular campaign.


Of course, it goes without saying, if you’re a small business owner who hasn’t got a business email signature set up yet – do it today!


2 – Maximise the impact of your personal facebook profile


Having a business facebook page is the norm for small businesses as it gives you the chance to engage with potential customers in a place where they are receptive to business messages.  People love hanging out on facebook, engaging with their friends but also following businesses that interest them and if you do it well, it is a great place to connect with people.


However, small business owners often miss an opportunity to increase their exposure by forgetting to tie their personal facebook profile to their business page.   To do this you simply need to include your business page as your current place of work in the ‘about’ section of your profile.


This lets all of your connections and any new contacts you make along the way find your business page in just one click.  It would be a shame to overlook a simple opportunity to show your connections what it is you do and why they may be interested in your business.


Plus, don’t forget to share content from your business page on your personal profile.  Find the balance that works for you – you don’t want a duplicate of your business page or make your personal connections tune out, but you do want to share important content that you feel would interest friends on your personal profile.


3 – Tell everyone you know about your business


When you are building your business it is important to remember the power of personal contacts.  Now is the time to update colleagues, associates, friends and family about your business and to spread the word.


Utilise tools such as Linkedin to update contacts on your new business, send personal emails to people you know and take the opportunity to market yourself in a cost-effective way.  You never know when one of these people will want to buy your product or service, plus word-of-mouth means they can tell others about you and cast your net even wider.


4 – Make the most of ‘networking’ on social media


It is great to set up a business presence on social media, for example as already said, a business page on facebook.  You get an opportunity to build relationships with your audience, communicate with them and engage with them.


But it is easy to forget the other opportunity that social media offers the small business – the opportunity to network! On facebook and Linkedin for example, there are a wealth of groups you can join as an individual to begin building relationships and expanding your networks – just search for groups that share your interests.


These groups aren’t the place to do the hard sell (although many group moderators do allow specific dates / times to post sales/marketing messages) but more a place to meet like-minded individuals and somewhere where you can build relationships by offering support and advice to other people in the group.  This is a way to establish yourself (and indirectly your business) as a knowledge expert in your field.  Grow your contacts like this and start sewing the seeds for future business and revenue!


So if you aren’t already doing so, try your hand at some of the marketing tactics here and see how they can work for your business.  Good luck!


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