Why I LOVE email marketing and 3 reasons why you should too

I’m showing my age here, but I remember getting my first ever email address (a yahoo one) as a teenager and being enthralled by the concept that I could type away at my computer screen and instantly ping across my thoughts to somebody else wherever in the world they may be.   While I like traditional letters and hand-written cards (let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive a birthday card in the post!), I am still captivated by the power of the email and Continue reading →

4 simple marketing tactics a new (small) business should never forget!

If you are a relatively new, small business it goes without saying that you are working incredibly hard to get your business moving.   You understand that marketing your business takes strategy, planning, time and co-ordination. You are making marketing a priority to achieve your business goals and are striving for success. In amongst your strategic planning and the evaluation you are doing of marketing opportunities, it is all too easy to forget that there are some simple techniques that you can implement straight away to Continue reading →

Business Blogging Basics

Right now, you might be wondering whether to bite the bullet and start a blog for your business.   You’ve seen bigger businesses running really successful blogs and you’re thinking – shall I go for it? You might be asking yourself, ‘do I have the time to write a blog?’, ‘is this REALLY going to help my business’? or even ‘what could I write about week after week’?   It is true that there are many valuable marketing communication channels available to your business, outside Continue reading →

5 Ways To Maximise Your Marketing Budget

As a consumer yourself, you might think that in order to successfully market your business you need a hefty marketing budget behind you. How else can you afford the big, shiny, glossy advertising that you see around you every single day? You’d be forgiven for thinking this way. We are exposed to such a high quantity of marketing messages on a daily basis – through TV, radio, magazines and more – that it may seem impossible for a business that isn’t a national or international Continue reading →