Business Blogging Basics

A beginner's guide to business bloggingRight now, you might be wondering whether to bite the bullet and start a blog for your business.


You’ve seen bigger businesses running really successful blogs and you’re thinking – shall I go for it? You might be asking yourself, ‘do I have the time to write a blog?’, is this REALLY going to help my business’? or even ‘what could I write about week after week’?


It is true that there are many valuable marketing communication channels available to your business, outside of the blog. It is true that every business is unique when it comes to creating their perfect ‘communications mix’. However, it is also true that having an engaging and insightful blog is a fantastic way for businesses to communicate.


So, what can a blog do for your business?  


Give your business a voice


Having a business blog gives your company a space to creatively share thoughts, knowledge, opinions and ideas. It gives your business a chance to offer interesting, informative and engaging content in a personal way to your audience.


Doing so can help strengthen your company position in your market, promote your business as an authority in your field and strengthen the way your audience views your company and brand.


Keep your website fresh and drive traffic to your site


No doubt your business has a great website behind it. Potential clients come to your site to find out more about you, your products and services. The information you’re sharing is crafted to best promote your business and drive sales.


A business blog brings another dimension to your website.


It gives you the opportunity to keep your web content original, interesting and up to date. Every time you post a blog entry on your website, there is something new and fresh to appeal to your clients.


It gives them a great reason to return to your website again and again. And while they are on your site, you have a captive audience to speak to through all of your other pages. It’s a perfect chance to keep them hooked!


Plus, having regular new content highlights your website as active to search engines. The more your website attracts the attention of the search engines, the more the algorithms can work in your favour and drive traffic to you!


Give your business something to share


Once you’ve written your blog post, not only can you use it to drive traffic to your website, you can increase its impact by sharing across your other marketing channels.  Your blog post gives you something special to tell people and it makes sense to maximise its reach and function!


Writing a blog -  a beginner's guide


Here are some ‘Business Blogging Basics’ to remember!


    • If you can, stick to a regular blog schedule – this helps keeps you focused and keeps content fresh


    • Plan the topics of your posts – this means that they will have variety, be well researched and engaging


    • Let yourself be influenced by current news – a great source of content ideas, plus timely blogs will pique audience interest


    • Don’t agonise over the length of each post – there are pros and cons to short and long blogs. It’s best to use the number of words you need to say what you want well!


    • Remember to share your blog in as many relevant places and channels as you can – provides excellent exposure and drives people back to your website


    • Don’t forget to include eye-catching images to grab the reader’s attention



Now you’ve got to grips with Business Blogging Basics, don’t forget to read last week’s blog to find some great tips on how to maximise your marketing budget!