Partnership Marketing

team-451372_1280 (1)Harnessing the equity of your brand


Partnership Marketing is a simple, yet highly effective marketing tool.  By working in partnership with a complementary brand, your business can significantly increase the impact of its marketing activities.

It is essential to work only with suitable partners which add value to your business and proposition and to create a partnership where each business brings equal value to the table.

Cascade Marketing is skilled at understanding how partners can enhance each other’s business and creating relationships which increase ROI and marketing value for both sides.

Working with brand partners can offer your business:

    • Exposure to new audiences
    • Data-capture opportunities
    • Enhanced loyalty and engagement from your current audience
    • Opportunity to strengthen brand image and perception


Cascade Marketing can deliver the following areas of Partnership Marketing:

  • Uncovering and discovering your brand equity
  • Creating your brand partnership B2B proposal
  • Building a qualified target list of complementary brand partners
  • Targeting, recruiting and securing an agreed number of brand partners
  • Negotiating the partnership marketing agreement
  • Delivery of agreed elements of the marketing campaign


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