Why I LOVE email marketing and 3 reasons why you should too

I’m showing my age here, but I remember getting my first ever email address (a yahoo one) as a teenager and being enthralled by the concept that I could type away at my computer screen and instantly ping across my thoughts to somebody else wherever in the world they may be.


While I like traditional letters and hand-written cards (let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to receive a birthday card in the post!), I am still captivated by the power of the email and digital communications, both in my personal and professional life.


So, it’s safe to say I love emails and email marketing and fully believe in the power and impact email marketing campaigns can have for a small business!


Why I love email marketing and 3 reasons why you should too


Here are 3 great reasons why you, as a small business owner, should love email marketing too!


Big impact, small investment


Marketing spend needs to be accountable, especially for a small business where budgets are often more limited. Your marketing should be tied to strategic objectives and reviewed for results.


Email marketing campaigns allow you to make a cost-effective splash for your small business! Yes, you need to invest time, creativity and energy in crafting an email marketing campaign – coming up with creative ideas, writing copy, and so on, but in return you can communicate with your audience in a very cost effective way. No printing or postage is needed!


There is no reason for budget to hold you back in building email marketing into your communications strategy – you can create campaigns as often as you feel will appeal to your audience.


Be heard through the noise


Marketing and advertising messages are flying about all around us on a daily basis through every conceivable communication channel – TV, radio, social media, magazines, online, direct mail through your door……you see what I mean!


What’s not to love then, about the idea of speaking directly to your clients or prospects and cutting through the ‘noise’ created by everybody else?


Your database of clients have opted-in to hear from you, they have chosen to keep in touch and are saying loud and clear that they are interested in what your business offers – be it right now or at some point in the future. By effectively making use of email marketing you can speak direct to your captive audience, building a relationship with them.


Made to measure 


Quite honestly, if you’re spending time and money on any kind of marketing you want to know if it’s helping your business to achieve whatever objectives you have laid out. What is great about email marketing campaigns is that you can very simply measure the success of your campaigns against the benchmarks your business puts in place.


When using an email service provider (such as Mailchimp) you can use the analytical data they offer to understand the success of your campaign. For example you can see how many people opened your newsletter (and actually which email addresses they are) and most importantly, what links they clicked on while reading (directing them to a location on your website for example).


You can get a good understanding of how compelling your Email Subject Line was (did this push people to open the email?) and what content appealed to them most (which links did they click on to find out more?) You can use these insights to fine-tune your email content, subject line, style and more to make your campaigns more successful as they develop.


If you’ve been thinking of building an email list and communicating in this way, why not give it a go?  It can work as a great tool to build relationships and drive sales, really supporting your business to grow.


If you need a little support getting your email marketing started, drop me an email as I’d love to help belinda@cascade-marketing.com